Cass County Michigan

Chapter 589

Pheasants Forever

Southwestern Michigan College Pollinator Project

Cass County Pheasants Forever has enjoyed a close relationship with Southwestern Michigan College for many years sponsoring scholarships to their agricultural program. In 2016 we applied for and received a grant for matching funds to establish a pollinator education project. We prepared and planted almost seven acres with a mix of wildflowers, forb, warm season grasses and flowers native trees. In 2017 we have expanded the project by purchasing and installing bee hives, bees, equipment and monitoring devices to place on the site and mentor ag students in bee keeping. We also partnered with the college to conduct a public pollinator workshop to educate and promote planting for pollinators to all land and home owners.

Visit the bees on-line - we have installed electronic hive monitoring devices to measure vital signs including temperatures inside and outside of the hive and hive weight to monitor honey production - click here